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U.S. Cities with Most College Students

For academic year 2019-2020, total 20,425,028 students have enrolled in U.S. colleges including 17,325,543 undergraduate and 3,100,630 graduate students. By gender, there are 8,750,209 male students and 11,674,819 female students at U.S. colleges.
This article analyzes and lists the cities that has the most college students. New York (NY) has the most college students (290,216 student in 82 colleges) where the city's total population is 19,354,922. Chicago (IL) has the second most college students (219,981 student in 73 colleges) where the city's total population is 8,675,982. See the Cencus residence rule and residence situation to check how the students are counted at their parental home or college location. The city population data is from SimpleMaps.com.
Next table and chart show the 25 largest cities with most college student for academic year 2019-2020.
25 U.S. Cities with the Most College Students
CityNumber of CollegesTotal EnrollmentCity Population
New York, NY82290,21619,354,922
Chicago, IL73219,9818,675,982
Salt Lake City, UT18200,7971,098,400
Los Angeles, CA54183,21912,815,475
Houston, TX64175,1895,446,468
Tempe, AZ14171,860185,038
San Diego, CA35160,5763,210,314
Minneapolis, MN14153,5972,926,757
Boston, MA30150,3384,637,537
Phoenix, AZ34149,7264,081,849
Philadelphia, PA37149,6645,637,884
Atlanta, GA37133,6485,228,750
Indianapolis, IN29131,6441,564,699
Miami, FL44131,2726,381,966
Orlando, FL16130,2541,776,841
San Antonio, TX46124,7022,002,530
Manchester, NH8110,024160,742
Austin, TX27105,5251,638,716
Sacramento, CA23105,2491,854,698
Columbus, OH24104,7831,528,314
Baltimore, MD24100,3932,170,504
Saint Louis, MO2399,6072,078,283
Washington, DC2498,3995,289,420
Denver, CO2692,1892,787,266
San Francisco, CA2190,4933,603,761

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