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U.S. Colleges Student Enrollment Trends (2010-2019)

For academic year 2019-2020 total 20,274,611 students have enrolled in U.S. colleges including 17,191,867 undergraduate and 3,082,744 graduate students. By gender, there are 8,698,205 male students and 11,576,406 female students at U.S. colleges.
This article analyzes the changes of college student population over last 10 years with table and chart. The total number of students has slowly declined 4.55% over the past decade - from 21,196,198 (2010) to 20,274,611 (2019). The number of undergraduate students has decreased 6.41% over last 10 years - from 18,293,035 (2010) to 17,191,867 (2019). Unlike the undergraduate population, the number of graduate students has increased 5.83% over the past decade - from 2,903,163 (2010) to 3,082,744 (2019).
Next table and chart show the total number of enrolled students for both undergraduate and graduate programs year by year. The percentage number for the gender column represents the portion of each gender over total number of students by program.

U.S. College Student Population Trends Chart (2010-2019)

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